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REGH Animation and Design

Led by Sangram Borse, REGH is a creative-focused entertainment company where talented individuals come together to bring extraordinary entertainment to our clients and audience. From concept to script, final animation to post production, we capture the essence that makes a story great. We are passionate about what we do and we strive to bring the highest standards by integrating classical animation with modern techniques.

REGH is a true artist driven studio. When you come to us with a vision, we listen to you. We will help you choose the best style and medium to bring your brand or story to life. You will get the creative input of every expert designer and animator in our studio contributing to your project. We have many sets of technical hands to ensure that the job will get done on time and on your budget, without ever sacrificing quality.

Whether it is an animated series, a full length feature or a commercial spot, REGH applies the charm and appeal of classical animation integrated with modern techniques to any style you can dream of. REGH is known for bringing the appropriate style and vision to your projects.

REGH involves our clients at every stage. From concept and script, final animation to post production, you will have full access to the creative process.


Sangram Borse

Founder | CEO

Sangram Borse
Founder and CEO

Born and raised in India, Sangram was deeply influenced by the early work of Ram Mohan, Bhimsen Khurana, National Film Board of Canada, Children Film society of India and their approach towards animation. In animation, he found a great medium through which it was easy and fun for him to express his own thoughts in a completely unique way.

(Since last 5 years Sangram's unique visions has led Regh Animation and Design to becoming one of the best Animation studios in India. Working with one of the best Animation Companies in the world hestrives to keep working towards reaching new heights and Craeting REgh's very Own production.)

He has also acquired national and international awards for his short films such as

Sangram acknowledges the vast potential in putting great design into motion. It is this kind of challenge that led him to create his own studio, where he and his team thrive on the limitless possibilities offered by the medium to provide their audience with quality entertainment and help bring their clients’ visions to life.


What They Said About Us

“We have been working with Regh Studios for over a year on a large project and through this process they have well demonstrated their commitment and dedication to the project. They have always been friendly, kind, courteous and willing to go out of their way to help us achieve the right look. Regh Studios and their team of talented animators have always been professional in their work and relationship. Thank you Regh for everything!!”

Michael McCaffrey,Director

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